Water Injection Wellhead and Christmas Tree

During oilfield development, special water injection Wells are used to inject water to the surface to maintain or restore reservoir pressure, giving the reservoir a strong driving force and increasing production rate and recovery.  There is a set of control equipment at the wellhead of injection well, whose function is to hang the wellhead pipe string, seal the annulus, and control water injection and well washing methods such as positive injection, negative injection, combined injection, positive washing and backwashing.

  • Water injection Wells are divided into stratified water injection Wells and general water injection Wells according to their functions.
  • According to the string structure, injection Wells can be divided into support type and suspension type.
  • According to casing and well conditions, injection Wells can be divided into large cased Wells, common Wells and small diameter Wells.

Water injection wellheads and trees are another type of wellhead produced by Sanjack and are widely used in shengli and Changqing fields.  Water injection wellheads and trees are used to improve water absorption and oil recovery by maintaining the required pressure in the reservoir.  The Sanjack wellhead and tree are anticorrosive because the water injection wellhead and tree are typically operated with highly mineralized and high-temperature sewage.  The equipment can also be used to clean Wells.

⦁ High pressure water injection. Can be used for well flushing
⦁ Small in size and light in weight
⦁ Nickel based alloy metal spray technique. Superior sealing and anti-corrosion performance
⦁ Install hand wheel in two directions on block valve
⦁ Combined two valves, cross and adapter flange. Decreases the wellhead height greatly
⦁ Optimal thickness of top and bottom flange of tubing head. Decreases the weight and height effectively

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