Vacuum Insulation Couplings


  • Vacuum Insulation Couplings owns double layer structure and high vacuum degree. 
  • Vacuum Insulation Couplings applies the same structure and production process as the vacuum Insulation tubing. 
  • Sanjack’s vacuum Insulation couplings has the lowest rate for heat loss in China. 

Vacuum Insulation Couplings  

To solve the heat loss problem occurred at VIT coupling or coupling + donut combination, Sanjack developed a vacuum coupling of new technology. The heat conductivity coefficient reaches 60% of conventional coupling. It is new design and patented vacuum insulated couplings which has two layers vacuum annular structure. In vacuum annular, there are insulated materials warped to stabilize and guarrantee the insulation performance. 

All tools and pumps can be loaded easily because of no insulated sleeve. 

Vacuum Insulation Couplings Structure

double layer coupling


Vacuum insulation couplings

Vacuum design with better insulation performance.

Optional insulation material: regular and aerogel

No sleeve and easy operation


Vacuum Insluation Couplings Parameter 

Item  Technical Specifications 
OD  139.7mm (4 ½ )larger than regular 
Length  227.4mm 
Steel grade  N80、L80、P110 
Coefficient conductivity Ratings  B、C 
Thread type  4 1/2BCSG 

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