Tubing Pump

  • Participated in the draw up of the national standard of  Tubing Pump.
  • 40 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing Tubing Pump.
  • 20 years of manufacturing experience in International standard Tubing Pump.
  • China’s top three Tubing Pump manufacturers

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Various Types of Tubing Pumps

Sanjack can produce a variety of types of tubing pumps, such as THD, THM, THC.

Advanced production equipment

Sanjack is equipped with advanced production equipment for machining, spraying welding, electroplating, and honing.

Strict Quality Inspection

National laboratories conduct raw material inspection, production inspection, and overall sealing performance test.

Strong Technical Support

Sanjack developed the downhole pumps with various processes of boronizing, nitriding, chrome plating, tungsten plating for special well conditions.

Tubing Pump
  • Annual output: 15,000 sets
  • Positive seal and superior assembly strength
THD tubing pump
  • Fixed valve not to be salvaged
  • A well with low depth and high yield
THM Tubing Pump
  • Fixed valves are salvageable.
  • Mechanical seal.
THC Tubing Pump
  • Fixed valves are salvageable.
  • Cup seal.

San Jack was founded in 1964 in Shengli Oilfield. From the beginning, the company’s goal is excellent service, quality, integrity and innovation. These concepts have made us one of the largest and most first-class manufacturers and pump maintenance facilities in China.
Our unremitting requirements for quality are not limited to manufacturing but also cover all aspects such as sales, service, support and planning. With global strategic location inventory and on-site sales support, we are ready to respond in a professional manner 24 hours a day. According to the specific needs of customers, our technical and service personnel can provide differentiated suggestions on the selection and design of pumps, and can also use a customized system to track the use and maintenance of pumps.

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