Tubing Pump

Tubing Pump
Raw materials of tubing pump parts shall be inspected after heat treatment, and their mechanical properties, chemical composition and metallographic structure must be inspected in batches.  tubing pump parts shall be inspected many times during processing. Carry out overall inspection on key points such as external diameter of pump column plug and internal diameter of pump barrel.
According to the specific needs of customers, our technical and service personnel can provide differentiated suggestions on the selection and design of pumps, and can also use a customized system to track the use and maintenance of pumps.

TH pumps are heavy wall, stationary barrel, bottom anchor design tubing pumps. Available with either 3 cup type hold down (THC) or with a mechanical lock hold down (THM), TH pumps give the largest possible bore size for a given tubing size, meaning the maximum amount of displacement with each stroke and therefore the greatest possible production.

TH tubing pumps are heavy-walled, stationary barrel pumps recognized as a standard design. They are often used in wells that produce more fluid than an insert rod pump can accommodate. Unlike insert pumps, the working barrel of these pumps is a section of the tubing string, which enables them to displace more fluid than insert pumps. The hold down is an independent piece that is typically inserted in the assembly prior to field delivery. The travelling assembly is installed on the end of the sucker rod string. Tubing pumps include a mechanism on the bottom end of traveling assembly to retrieve the hold down assembly should the valve require repair.

The TH tubing pumps feature heavy-walls and full-barrels.
These pumps can be assembled with:
⦁ Box-end and pin-end plungers;
⦁ Cup-type or mechanical seating assemblies;
⦁ Tap-type or lock-type, standing-valve pullers;
The all-metal, thick-wall barrel tubing pump combines heavy-duty construction and stroke design to achieve maximum output for any given tubing size. The integral plunger cylinder eliminates the joints that are prone to failure under the working load, and carries out precision honing from end to end to ensure that the plunger has perfect holes and improve the pumping efficiency

These pumps are recommended for the following applications:
• Wells where greater capacity is needed in a given tubing size
• Wells of any depth with severe pumping conditions
• Wells with scale problems
• Deep wells

Thick-wall, integrated barrel with special coupling provides good sealing and superior assembly strength and stiffness, and can work in the worst environment.
An extension coupling threaded into the barrel coupling allows the plunger to punch out of the barrel at each end of the stroke. This through design prevents scaling inside the pump barrel.
A wide range of component materials are available, so the pump can be customized to any environment for maximum cost efficiency and pump life.
Various special pump accessories expand the application range of the pump and provide greater versatility, adaptability and value.

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