Titanium Nano Polymer Coated Tubing

Sanjack Petro manufactures Titanium Nano Polymer Coated Tubing in China with our own factory of Titanium Nano Polymer Coated Tubing. Sanjack Petro provide the high quality and competitive price on Titanium Nano Polymer Coated Tubing for you. Feel free to Contact us for Titanium Nano Polymer Coated Tubing quotation. 

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1.Nano-organic titanium polymer coated tubing is a new heavy-duty anticorrosive coating developed by adding nano-organic titanium polymer into epoxy resin. Its protective durability is higher than other anticorrosive coatings, and the service life of ordinary tubing is prolonged by more than three times; 

2.The coating and tubing wall have good adhesion, which can avoid the damage of the coating under fluid friction; 

3.With good anti-scaling performance. The titanium nano-polymer coating has a high surface smoothness due to the filling effect of tiny molecules, that is, the flow wall and flow layer are thin, which is not conducive to scaling. At the same time, the special magnetic and chemical structure of titanium nano-polymer forms an oil-immersed and water-repellent surface to prevent scaling. 

Technical Parameter 

S/N  Item  Indicator  Test Standard 
1  Appearance  Smooth, uniform, without air bubble, orange peel and flow defects.  Visual measurement 
2  Dry Film Thickness  ≥125μm  ISO 2808:2007 
3  Leakage Point  None  NACE TM 0384 
4  Wear Resistance  ≤40mg(1000g/1000r,CS17 wheel)or≥2L/μm  GB/T 23988 
5  Impact Strength  ≥4J,-20(Power coating)  ASTM G14-04 
≥6J,-20(Liquid coating) 
6  Adhesion  Bonding   ≥20MPa  ASTM D4541-09 
X- cutting  Grade 1  BSEN10289: Attachment D 


Product Application 

It can be used for a long time under the working conditions of pH 3~13 and temperature not higher than 100 °C. It is suitable for water injection wells, oil production wells, oil pipelines and so on. 

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