THM Tubing Pump

Sanjack sucker rod pump workshop was established in 1964, which has more than 50 years of history. Our products include various series of tubing pumps, rod pumps, and special sucker rod pumps. We have rich experience in production and a strong ability in research and development. We obtained 32 national technology patents in the downhole pump. These products have been exported to SHELL, CHEVRON, GE, SCHLUMBERGER, NOV, JOHN CRANE, CAMERON, KBM, etc. Our annual production capability is 15,000 sets.

TH pumps are heavy wall, stationary barrel, bottom anchor design tubing pumps. Available with a mechanical lock hold down (THM), TH pumps give the largest possible bore size for a given tubing size, meaning the maximum amount of displacement with each stroke and therefore the greatest possible production.

The tubing pump is a thick wall fixed barrel pump designed in accordance with internatioal standards. They are usually used to produce wells that contain more fluid than plug-in sucker rod pumps can. Unlike rod pumps, the working plunger of these pumps is part of the tubing string, which enables them to discharge more fluid than the inserted pump. The hold-down assembly is a separate part that is usually inserted into the assembly prior to delivery at site. The moving assembly is installed at the end of the sucker rod string. The in-line pump includes a mechanism located at the bottom of the moving assembly to recover the hold down assembly when the valve needs maintenance.

The TH tubing pumps feature heavy-walls and full-barrels.
These pumps can be assembled with:
⦁ Tap-type or lock-type, standing-valve pullers;
⦁ Box-end and pin-end plungers;
⦁ mechanical seating assemblies;
All metal, thick-wall pump barrel tubing pump has both heavy structure and stroke design. For the determined tubing size, its maximum hole diameter can achieve the maximum output. The integral plunger does not need a joint, which reduces the corresponding faults, and is precisely honed from end to end to ensure that the plunger has a perfect hole diameter and improve the work efficiency.

These pumps are suitable for the following service:
• Wells of any depth with severe pumping conditions
• Wells with scale problems
• Wells where greater capacity is needed in a given tubing size
• Deep wells

Heavy-wall, one-piece barrel with special barrel couplings provides a positive seal and superior assembly strength and rigidity to perform in the harshest environments.
• An extension coupling threaded into the plunger coupling allows the plunger to punch out of the barrel at each end of the stroke. This through design prevents scaling inside the pump barrel.
• A wide range of component materials are available, so the pump can be customized to any environment for maximum cost efficiency and pump life.
• Various special pump accessories expand the application range of the pump and provide greater versatility, adaptability and value.

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