THD Tubing Pump

THD Tubing Pipe
The outer plunger, bushing, and suction valve of the tubing pump are assembled on the ground and enter the well at the lower part of the tubing.
Then, the plunger, fixed valve and sucker rod are pumped into the pump through the tubing. The bushing is machined into multiple parts and inserted into the outer cylinder. The plunger is a hollow plunger made of seamless steel pipe. The outer surface is provided with smooth annular groove to allow sand particles to enter the annular groove between the plungers, prevent sand particles from wearing the plunger and bushing, and store oil as lubricant in the annular groove. THD tubing pump is equipped with an oil drain device to discharge the oil in the pipeline.

The pump structure is simple, low cost, so suitable for low depth, high production Wells.
The  TH tubing pumps feature heavy-walls and full-barrels.
These pumps can be assembled with:
⦁ Box-end and pin-end plungers;
⦁ Tap-type or lock-type, standing-valve pullers;
⦁ mechanical seating assemblies;
All-metal thick-walled barrel tubing pumps combine heavy-duty construction and a stroke design with the largest bore for any given tubing size to maximize output. The one-piece construction eliminates the need for fail-prone fittings and is precision honed from start to finish to ensure the plunger has a perfect bore and pumping efficiency.

These pumps are recommended for the following applications:
• Wells with scale problems
• Wells where greater capacity is needed in a given tubing size
• Wells of any depth with severe pumping conditions
• Deep wells

The thick-walled one-piece barrel with special barrel coupling provides a reliable seal and superior assembly strength and rigidity for operation in the harshest environments.
• Extension couplings threaded into barrel couplings allow the plunger to strike out of the barrel at each end of the stroke. This stroke design prevents limescale build-up inside the pump barrel.
• Components available in a variety of materials so that the pump can be customized for any environment for maximum cost efficiency and pump life.
• A variety of unique pump accessories extend the range of pump applications, providing greater versatility, adaptability and value.

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