Rotation-Plunger Sucker Rod Pump

Rotation-Plunger Sucker Rod Pump
San Jack sucker rod pump factory was founded in 1964. From the beginning, the philosophic foundation of the business has been a commitment to excellence in service, quality, integrity and innovation. With locations in the Dongying City where Shengli Oilfield located, this philosophy led us to become one of the largest and premier Sucker Rod Pump manufacturers and pump repair facilities in the China.
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The sucker rod string rotary plunger pump pumping system uses a ground rotation drive device to drive the drive head to rotate around a vertical axis, and drive the downhole sucker rod string to rotate around the vertical axis, and the downhole intermediate power conversion mechanism will rotate in one direction It is converted into a reciprocating linear motion, thereby driving the plunger of the plunger pump to move up and down to pump oil.

The system is controlled by the distribution box. The motor drives the bevel gear transmission mechanism to rotate through the belt drive. The vertical bevel gear drives the square card, polished rod and sucker rod string to rotate. The sucker rod string is passed through the coupling and power conversion device. Flange connection is adopted, the upper flange, shaft sleeve and sleeve are fixed on the outer plunger with screws, and the guide block with rollers is fixed on the shaft sleeve with screws, and is embedded in the circulating track on the camshaft.

As the sucker rod rotates through the flange and the outer plunger drive bushing, the rollers on the guide block screw rotate with the bushing and move in an annular track on the camshaft. Since the lower part of the camshaft is equipped with a guide feather key and a fixed feather key sleeve, the rotation of the guide feather key is limited to ensure that the rollers move in the circular track on the camshaft, and at the same time drive the camshaft to reciprocate up and down, thereby driving the pump column The plug moves up and down, causing the plunger pump to lift the crude oil.

For the first time in the industry, the motion conversion mechanism is set in the wellbore with a diameter of less than 80mm. By realizing the unidirectional rotation of the motor, the camshaft of the core component can reciprocate up and down. Its application value is much higher than the power conversion method that makes the screw reciprocate up and down through the motor commutation. The system effectively solves the problems of eccentric wear of the rod and tube in the lifting system of the oil well pump, the total weight of the ground equipment of the pumping unit, and the useless work of lifting the sucker rod, and avoids the interference friction between the stator and the rubber steel body of the rotor in the oil pumping system of the screw pump. The problem of seal failure caused by relatively short life and high downhole temperature. It has the advantages of plunger pump lifting system and screw pump oil production device, such as simple structure, reliable operation, high transfer efficiency, low energy loss, and adaptability to well depth. It is a major innovation and breakthrough in Chinese traditional oil production equipment

These pumps are recommended for the following applications:
• Large casing and large capacity wells
• Wells requiring larger capacity for a given tubing size
• Moderate depth wells with poor pumping conditions
Additional features, benefits and advantages of these pumps include:
• Thick-walled barrels provide superior strength and stiffness for consistent reliability, even in the harshest pumping environments.
• Barrels and fittings are available for a variety of metallurgy, so pumps can be customized to well conditions for maximum cost efficiency and pump life.
• One-piece steel or brass barrels eliminate the need for intermediate joints, reducing failure rates.
• The barrel and plunger can be quickly assembled, connected to the tubing and lowered into the well.
• Offers a wide range of specialty pump accessories to extend pump application range for greater versatility, adaptability and value.

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