Precision Rolling Pump Barrel


  • The Precision Rolling Pump Barrel with a variety of materials cover brass, stainless steel, low carbon alloy steel, etc. 
  • The dimensional precision of the pump barrel made of soft materials can be ensured by the Precision rolling process, such as brass, stainless steel. 
  • After cold rolling, with a drift gauge to ensure that the straightness 0.3mm/m, the wall thickness difference 0.2mm, and the roundness deviation 0.03mm inspected by QA & QC team. 

Precision Rolling Pump Barrel 

Heavy-wall, thin-wall, and heavy-wall with thin-wall thread configuration in Barrel types, as discussed below: 


With wall tubing that measure between 0.393 and 0.472 inches. They are threaded externally, which allows the plunger to stroke out at both sides of the pump. This stroke-through construction created in the process prevents the formation of scale inside the pump barrel. Heavy-walled barrels are stronger and more rigid to ensure greater setting depth. Additionally, they come in two types; with a metal plunger (H) and a soft-packed plunger (P). 


With wall tubing measuring between 0.197 and 0.276 inches. They are threaded internally and have the most massive bore relative to any given tubing size. Accordingly, these pumps are suitable for moderate wellbore depth and come in two categories: a metal plunger (W) and a soft-pack plunger (S). 

Thick – wall and thin – wall pumps barrel are honed to complete the final process. But when the materials are special, such as stainless steel or brass, or the cylinder diameter is too large, the honing process cannot meet the accuracy requirements of the barrel. At this time, the Precision rolling process can only be used for the manufacture of the pump barrel. 

The precision rolling pump barrel parameters

Barrel specification Nominal Dia.      (in) I.D.  Tolerance(mm) Wall thickness Material Plunger specification O.D. tolerance(mm) Length (in)
Φ32 1 1/4” ±0.05 3/50”1/8”






1.Carbon steel 1020、1026、1045 etc);2.Brass

3.Alloy steel

304、316、316L、S50100、4130、13Cr、P9 etc.

Φ32 ±0.05 4’-6’
Φ38 1 1/2” ±0.05 Φ38 ±0.05
Φ44 1 3/4” ±0.05 Φ44 ±0.05
Φ50 2” ±0.05 Φ50 ±0.05
Φ57 2 1/4” ±0.05 Φ57 ±0.05
Φ70 2 3/4” ±0.10 Φ70 ±0.10
Φ83 3 1/4” ±0.10 Φ83 ±0.10
Φ95 3 3/4” ±0.10 Φ95 ±0.10
Φ108 4 1/4” ±0.10 Φ108 ±0.10
Φ220 8 5/8” ±0.10 Φ220 ±0.10
Φ280 11” ±0.10

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