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  • Precision rolling pipe made by Sanjack demonstrates advantages such as extremely high precision and straightness can be less than 0.01mm/m.
  • Sanjack manufactures a variety of precision rolling pipe, such as low carbon steel,9Cr and 13Cr, stainless steel, brass, bronze, etc
  • Sanjack is GE, SCHLUMBERGER, Baker Hughes, DOVER excellent supplier.

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High precision

High precision with less than 0.35mm tolerance for the wall thickness and 0.1mm/mm for the straightness.

Variety of Materials

Variety of materials with low carbon steel(1026,1045 …), stainless steel(ANSI410,420 …), brass, bronze, etc

Wide range of applications.

Raw materials as semi-finished products for downhole pump barrel & plunger, sucker rod coupling, ESP housing, motor bearing and housing.

Stable production capacity

More than Annual output of 6000 tons with 8 precision rolling production lines.

Precision Rolling Pipe
  • Straightness<0.1mm/m
  • WT Tolerance<0.35mm
Precision Rolling ESP Housing
  • Dimension Accuracy: ±0.05mm
  • Flatness: 0.8μm
Precision Rolling Pump Barrel
  • Dimension Range:280mm(OD)~14mm(ID)
  • Ovality <0.03mm

In 2015, Sanjack established precision rolling pipe production line. It has various types of cold rolling mill machine such as LG30, LG60, LG80, LG220 and a complete QA & QC system. The annual production capacity can be more than 6000 tons. As a excellent supplier for GE, SCHLUMBERGER, DOVER etc..

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