Precision Rolling ESP Housing


  • Precision process can 100% meet the requirements of housing, such as traightness, coaxiality, wall thickness deviation, and surface roughness. 
  • The technology of precision rolling ESP housing can significantly reduce the ESP manufacturer’s production costs. 

Precision Rolling ESP Housing 

The ESP housing is a deep-hole thin-wall part with a shell length of 7m, the outer diameter of 98.5mm- 101.6mm, and the wall thickness of 4.75mm-6.4mm. Extremely high requirements and difficult to manufacture on the straightness, coaxiality, wall thickness deviation, and surface roughness of the ESP housing. During normal ESP operation, a good concentric rotation of the vane wheel and housing is required, which requires extremely high precision and quality of the housing. 

The ESP housing processing includes lathe processing, straightening, boring, rolling, and other links, which is complicated and difficult to process. 

ESP housing and spline bearing made by Sanjack have high dimensional accuracy, which can be used directly without honing. 

Data Sheet 

Specification  Nominal Dia.  Tolerance  Wall Thickness  Material 
Φ139  5 1/2”  ±0.05mm  1/8” 



Alloy steel pipe 

16Mn,1Cr5Mo,35CrMo,9Cr1Mo,13Cr,22Cr, A335P9,4130,K500, 718 

Φ178  7”  ±0.05mm 
Φ210  8 1/2”  ±0.05mm 
Φ280  11”  ±0.05mm 

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