Piston Ring Type Insert Pump

Sanjack Petro manufactures Piston ring type insert pump in China. With inventory and field sales support in strategic location, we are ready to respond in a timely professional manner 24 hours a day. Our technical staff is ready to provide assistance in pump selection and design.
25 years Piston ring type insert pump manufacturing experience
The strictest quality standards on Piston ring type insert pump
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Integral plungers feature machined grooves, chemical and abrasion resistant nylon split rings. The increased upper surface area of the ring allows dynamic pressure to expand it outward, resulting in improved sealing and greater stroke efficiency. On the downstroke, the piston rings relax, thereby reducing the compression load.

Multiple split rings allow leakage control and increased lubrication over the entire length of the plunger, each ring supporting a portion of the total fluid load. This makes pressure-activated plungers ideal for efficiently pumping wells with lubrication problems, such as in high water-cut or sand-laden fluids, where tight-fitting plungers cannot last. It comes in common sizes of 20, 40 and 60 ring names.

1). The metal-coated plunger prevents corrosion and wear.
2). Plunger size is 0.005 inches to allow trash to pass through the plunger.
3). The lifting ring helps reduce sand, rubbish and limescale inside the pump barrel.
4). The piston ring is always close to the inner wall of the piston cylinder, which improves the sealing performance.
5). The piston ring has an automatic compensation function, which can prolong the high-efficiency cycle of the pump.
6). Both ends of the plunger are equipped with sand scraping devices, which can scrape off the sand particles on the inner cylinder, and these sand particles are carried away by the flowing liquid. Thereby extending the life of the pump.

Suitable for oil well without sand.

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