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  • Sanjack has developed a series of special oil well pumps suitable for different well conditions, based on Intl Standard, GB / T 18607 specification for oil well pumps and their components. These special downhole pumps have novel structure, reliable performance, long service life and superior pump efficiency, and have been widely used in many oil fields at home and abroad.
    Note: We can also design and manufacture according to the parameters and requirements provided by client, if our client needs different specifications and models of special sucker rod pump,.

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Special Rod Pumps

Special pumps are suitable for all kinds of special well conditions


Sanjack special downhole pumps can be customized to meet customer actual requirements.

High-end customer base

Rod pump has been exported to SHELL, CHEVRON, SCHLUMBERGER, GE, NOV, JOHNCRANE, CAMERON, KBM, etc.

Strong Technical Support

Sanjack developed the downhole pumps with various processes of boronizing, nitriding, chrome plating, tungsten plating for special well conditions.

Anti-blocking Tubing Pump
  • Avoid falling objects blocking the pump.
  • Avoid valve clogging.
Piston Ring Type Insert Pump
  • Piston rings improve sealing performance
  • Sand control
Rotation-plunger Sucker Rod Pump
  • Rotary plunger
  • Anti-dropping

San Jack was founded in 1964. From the beginning, the philosophic foundation of the business has been a commitment to excellence in service, quality, integrity and innovation. With locations in the Dongying City where is Shengli Oilfield located, this philosophy led us to become one of the largest and premier Intl Standard SUCKER ROD PUMP manufacturers and pump repair facilities in the China.
San Jack unwavering commitment to quality extends beyond manufacturing to all aspects of business such as sales, service, support, planning and others. Our technical staff is ready to provide assistance in pump selection and design. After pump installations, your pump repairs can be tracked with San Jack custom designed Tracking System. With inventory and field sales support in strategic location, we are ready to respond in a timely professional manner 24 hours a day.
As we continually grow, our commitment remains in providing service, quality, integrity and innovation. Whatever your needs, San Jack is here for you.

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Other Special Rod Pumps: The Complete Guide for Importers and Buyers

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