Onshore Thermal Recovery Wellhead

Sanjack has more than 40 years of experience in the production of wellheads and trees and valves. With advanced manufacturing and testing facilities, Sanjack can produce wellheads and trees in a wide range of pressure, material and specification grades.  After more than 20 years of development, thermal wellhead has formed a variety of products, used in many oil fields around the world.  Sanjack has the following types of thermal wellheads:

  • Conventional steam injection wellhead
  • Onshore thermal wellhead
  •  Single column double well thermal recovery wellhead
  •  Steam injection and oil production double pipe wellhead
  • BOP steam injection and oil production integrated wellhead
  • Geothermal wellhead

The offshore thermal wellhead was designed by Sanjack according to Cnooc’s offshore operating conditions and thermal production process requirements.  The offshore oil production platform adopts an offshore thermal wellhead, which requires higher safety and sealing performance, as well as higher wellhead configuration.
Thermal wellhead can be used for steam injection, well cleaning, and oil recovery.  It is composed of a casing head, tubing head, and tree.  One side of the tree is connected to the steam injection flow.  This is the steam inlet.  The other side is connected to the production flow with an adjustable needle valve.  On this side, crude oil is sent to the pipeline.  A dual valve tubing head is used to inject nitrogen into the annulus laterally to improve thermal recovery efficiency and balance formation pressure.
The thermal wellhead compression parts are forged and a pneumatic safety valve is installed in the main well diameter, which improves the safety of wellhead operation.  To ensure safe and reliable nitrogen injection, the PR2 plate valve is set at the outlet of the tubing head.  The thermal wellhead obtained the national patent.

Nominal diameter (in): 2 9/16, 3 1/8
Working pressure (psi): 3000,5000
Working temperature: -29℃-370℃
Material class: CC, DD, EE, FF
Performance level: PR1,Wing with PR2 valve
Specification level: PSL2, PSL3, PSL3G
Hang VIT and tubing: 4 1/2BC, 3 1/2EU, 2 7/8EU
Connecting casing (in) : 5-1/2, 7, 9 5/8, 13-3/8

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