Special oil well pumps for deep wells

When running the pumps in deep wells, it is prone to have the following problems:

  1. When the barrel is stretched and deformed, the plunger will not running smoothly, and even the barrel may trip or break;
  2. The valve cage may break and fail;
  3. The valve may be damaged and invalid;
  4. The pump efficiency may be reduced to less than 30%.

We developed  a lot special pumps to solve above problems, including suspension pump, bridge-type pump, solid plunger pump, etc.

Bridge-type oil well pump adopts a special bridge structure to prevent deformation of barrel, suitable for deep well oil production with low liquid level and deeper pump hanging or more tail pipes hanging. The depth of pump hanging is 500- 1500 m deeper than the ordinary oil well pump.



  1. The barrel and the outer pipe are floating connected. The pressure of the tubing string and the weight of the lower tail pipe of pump directly act on the tubing. The barrel does not bear the alternating force load during up and down strokes. The improved working conditions can extend the service life.
  2. Because the barrel is suspended, the internal and external pressure of the barrel is same during the pumping process which can reduce the amount of leakage.

Technical Parameter




Nominal diameter (mm)stroke


Tubing connection (in)Sucker rod connection (in)Pump constant (K)Max. O.D.


25-125THXGⅡ31.81.8~92 7/83/41.14089.5



The suspension pump adopts the method of barrel suspension to prevent the deformation of the pump in the deep well which is suitable for the production of deep wells.


1.Anti-bending characteristics: special bridge-type structure, the barrel is suspended in the outer barrel. It does not withstand pressure, does not bend and fundamentally solves the problem of bending of the pump when it is equipped with a packer.

2.Anti-abrasion. Because the pump barrel will not bend, the gap between the plunger and the pump barrel is uniform which reduces the abrasion between plunger and barrel due to the bending of the seal, which can extend the service life of the pump and improve the pump efficiency.

3.Anti-leakage. It can be seen from the formula of the clearance loss of the pump that the relative eccentricity of the pump is zero which prevents the leakage caused by the eccentricity of the plunger and the pump barrel. It reduces the clearance loss and improves the pump efficiency.


Suitable for wells using conventional tubing pumps and can greatly increase the pump hanging depth and the length of the hanging tail pipe.

Technical Parameter


ModelNominal diameter (mm)Stroke (m)Tubing connection (in)Sucker rod connection (in)Pump constant (K)Max. O.D.


25-125THXG31.81.8~92 7/83/41.14089.5






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