Mechanical Top Seal Rod Pump

Mechanical Top seal Rod pump
Sanjac was founded in 1964. From the beginning, the philosophic foundation of the business has been a commitment to excellence in service, quality, integrity and innovation. With locations in the Dongying City, Shengli Oilfield located, this philosophy led us to become one of the largest and premier Rod pump manufacturers and pump repair facilities in the China.

  • Excellent anti-corrosion effect and strong structure.
  • Use stellite alloy

In order to meet the requirements of the heavy oil thermal recovery process, a mechanical top seal locking rod pump is designed.

1. The top mechanical seal is used for locking: simple and convenient operation.
2. The plunger assembly adopts double plunger mechanical valve structure, which is convenient for heavy oil exploitation.
3. The standing valve adopts a spring forced reset structure, which avoids the problem of lag when the fixed valve ball is closed.
4. Increase the shut-off valve to block sand and reduce the sand entering the pump barrel or the stuck plunger.

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