Intelligent Pumping Unit

Intelligent Pumping Unit

  • Intelligent pumping unit combines traditional beam pumping unit with modern advanced information collection technology and electrical control technology, which is a new type of high-efficiency energy-saving pumping unit.
  • Intelligent beam pump has the following characteristics: automatic data acquisition, remote control, intelligent non-stop balance adjustment, pulse automatic adjustment, voice prompt and voice alarm, soft start and overload protection, etc
  • ¬†Intelligent pump jack is a new generation of highly industrialized and informationized oil production equipment.

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Remote control.

Remote instruction, upload the relevant data, instruction operation accurately.

Signal acquisition.

Rely on remote terminals, such as various sensors to complete signal acquisition

Automatic adjustment

Automatic lubrication system can automatically adjust parameters, like stroke and SPM.

Early warning system

A special security monitoring system always monitors the operating status of the system.

Automatic Balanced Pumping Unit
  • Automatic Balanced
  • Energy saving over than 20%
Automatic Lubrication System
  • Centralized lubrication station
  • Fully automatic operation
Intelligent Rod Pump Controller
  • Highly intelligent
  • Real-time data acquisition, analysis and transmission

Sanjack manufactures series conventional pumping units and unconventional pumping units with an annual output of up to 1200 units. Sanjack is one of Schlumberger suppliers. Among five Chinese suppliers of Schlumberger, Sanjack pumping unit has the lowest failure rate, and the end user response is enthusiastic and highly appraised
Beam Pump Plant is an significant branch factory of Sanjack Group, which majors in the design, production, maintenance, sales and service of pump jacks. The factory has more than 240 employees, 130 sets of large and medium-sized mechanical processing equipment and fixed assets of 10 million RMB yuan.

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