Inclined Well Insert Pump

Due to the increase of horizontal wells, side-drilling wells, and cluster wells, downhole pumps are sometimes need to be used in the inclined well section, which leads to the following problems:

  • Valves cannot be returned in time, resulting in inadequate sealing or even sealing failure;
  • Eccentric abrasion of plunger;
  • Low pumping efficiency.

The experiments show that the valve balls cannot be sealed at a level within 75°, which requires a ball sucker to attract the valve ball to seal; at a level within 45°, the valve ball cannot be sealed in time, and it takes 1 to 6 seconds to seal.
To solve above problems, Sanjack developed special pumps for inclined wells.

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Wide Range of Application

Inclined tubing pump is suitable for side-drilling wells, horizontal wells, cluster wells, and high gas cut well.

Large Inclination Degree

Inclination degree of oil well up to 45°.

High Pump Efficiency

The traveling valve and standing valve can force the valve ball to fall back timely and accurately.

Excellent wear resistance

Rotary plunger that rotates automatically while working can prevent the plunger from being lopsided worn.

Inclined Well Sucker Rod Pump
  • High gas cut oil well
  • Inclination angle within 45 °

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