Hydraulic Feedback Sucker Rod Pump

Hydraulic feedback sucker rod pump
San Jack sucker rod pump factory was founded in 1964. From the beginning, the philosophic foundation of the business has been a commitment to excellence in service, quality, integrity and innovation.

  • China’s top three tubing pump manufacturers.
  •  Participated in the draw up of the national standard of downhole pump.
  •  20 years of manufacturing experience in Intl Standard tubing Pump.
  • 40 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing downhole pumps.

The hydraulic feedback sucker rod pump is composed of two pumps with different pump diameters connected in series. It is suitable for cold recovery of heavy oil with viscosity below 4000mpa·s, thermal recovery of heavy oil with single well steam huff and puff, and oil wells with low viscosity but frequent fracturing.
Hydraulic feedback and anti-corrosion pump Equipped with stainless steel valve cover and cemented carbide valve pair, the corrosion resistance and stab resistance of the oil well pump are enhanced. It is suitable for heavy oil well with high salinity and easy corrosion.


1. According to the principle of hydraulic feedback, a downward thrust is generated during the down stroke, which helps the plunger to overcome the resistance of heavy oil and the descending of the sucker rod, and reduces the breakage of the sucker rod.
2. The pump has no standing valve and no need to discharge oil downhole. The plunger can be lifted from the pump barrel to realize steam injection or oil discharge.
3. Steam injection thermal recovery, forward and reverse well flushing and sand flushing can also be performed without moving the pipe string. It is easy to operate and reduces operating costs.

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