HTPT Liner Tubing


  • Sanjack’s HDPT liner tubing with extremely high corrosion resistance and wear resistance. 
  • The temperature resistance level can be up to 140, and suitable for high-temperature oil well environment. 
  • The HDPT liner tubing are widely used in oil recovery wells and water injection wells. 

HTPT Liner Tubing 

HTPE liner tubing features the basic characteristics of EXPE liner tubing, with the temperature resistance level up to 140, matching liner and spraying coupling according to customer requirements. The shortcomings of high temperature resistance of HDPE materials are effectively solved, and the application range of products is greatly improved. 

Technical Parameter 

S/N  Technical Indicators and Test Conditions  Technical Requirement  Test Standard 
1  Density,g/cm3  1.21-1.270  GB/T 1033.1 
2  Shore Hardness,HD  ≥65  GB/T 2411 
3  Vicat Softening Temperature(A50),  ≥200  GB/T 1633 
4  Notched Charpy Impact Strength,KJ/m2  ≥200  GB/T 1043.1 
5  Elongation at Break,%  ≥250  GB/T 8804.3 
6  Tensile Fracture Yield Strength,MPa  ≥45  GB/T 8804.3 


Product Application 


Oil and water wells with well depths no more than 4000 meters and temperatures less than 140. 


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