High Gas Cut Well Downhole Pump

  • High Gas Cut Well Downhole Pump In high gas content oil wells, the oil abundance is poor. Therefore, if we use conventional sucker rod pump for oil production, we usually get very low pump efficiency. At the same time, gas lock accidents also occur frequently, which brings a lot of trouble to oil production, and makes us lose countless time and money in the maintenance of downhole pumps. 

    More seriously, the use of conventional sucker rod pump in high content gas wells will cause liquid impact, which will accelerate the damage of tubing, sucker rod string, pump valve, valve cage and other downhole equipment. 

    We, Sanjack Petro, have specially designed sucker rod pumps for high gas cut wells to avoid these problems: forcing valved open type insert pump, gas locking prevention oil well pump, double-plunger valve type sucker rod pump, long plunger anti-gas & anti-sand downhole pump,etc. 

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Anti Sand

The patent anti sand and anti burying standing valve can prevent valve seat from being punctured 

Wear resistance

The plunger can rotate freely to prevent sand stuck and partial wear. 

Avoid Gas Locking

The traveling valve is a spherical valve for forced opening and closing. 

Avoid liquid Impact

The unique design of the high gas cut well downhole pump can effectively prevent liquid impact. 

Forced Opening Valve Type Insert Pump
  • Forced opening and closing.  
  • high gas-oil ratio. 
Gas Locking Prevetion Oil Well Pump
  • With anti-gas device  
  • Light oil well with high gas cut. 
Long plunger anti-gas lock and anti-sand downhole pump
  • Sand content of oil well2%.   
  • Avoid sand stuck and partial wear  

Gas locking: After the gas in sucker rod pump is compressed and expanded frequently, the suction valve cannot be opened normally. Therefore, crude oil cannot be pumped out. This phenomenon is called “gas locking”. 

Liquid impact: during upstroke, if the pump is not fully filled with well fluid, a low-pressure air cap will be formed on the top of the pump chamber between the floating cage and the fixed cage. During the subsequent down stroke, the float valve cage will remain closed until it is hit by the well fluid surface. This phenomenon is called “liquid impact”, which will cause serious impact load to the whole artificial lift system. 

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