Heavy Oil Recovery Downhole Pump

  • 20 years of manufacturing experience in Heavy Oil Recovery Downhole Pump.
  • 40 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing downhole pumps
  • Participated in the draw up of the national standard of downhole pump.

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Cold Recovery and Themal Revovery

The downhole pump is suitable for heavy oil thermal recovery and conventional oil recovery.

Deviated Well Oil Production

The downhole pump can be used in wells that with a slant degree less than 40°

Intl Certification

In 2001, SanJack successfully obtained Intl Certification and began to export downhole pump to abroad.

High Viscosity

The downhole pump can be used for thermal recovery of super heavy oil. Oil viscosity: More than 50000mPa.s.

Double Plunger Valve Downhole Pump
  • Unique double plunger structure
  • For wells with gas-oil ratio lower than 800.
Double Plunger injection-production Oil Well Pump
  • Injection and production integrated
  • Prevent damage from steam injection
Hydraulic Feedback Sucker Rod Pump
  • Viscosity <4000 mPa.s, cold recovery.
  • Sand cut < 0.1%, thermal recovery.
Mechanical Top Seal Rod Pump
  • Heavy oil and super heavy oil
  • Sand control

Sanjack sucker rod pump workshop was established in 1964, which has more than 50 years of history. We have rich production experience, strong R & D capability and obtained 32 national technical patents for downhole pumps. Our products include various series of tubing pumps, rod pumps and special rod pumps. Our annual production capability is 15,000 sets. These products have been exported to SHELL, CHEVRON, GE, SCHLUMBERGER, NOV, JOHN CRANE, CAMERON, KBM, etc.

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Heavy Oil Recovery Downhole Pump: The Complete Guide for Importers and Buyers

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