Frac Wellhead And Christmas Tree

Frac Wellhead And Christmas Tree
In the process of oil exploitation, horizontal multi-stage fracturing is the most advanced technology in the world, which represents the development direction of oil and gas production technology.  Multi-stage fracturing technology strictly controls the number, diameter and phase of perforation in multiple or multiple horizontal sections along the horizontal wellbore according to the reservoir physical properties and characteristics that can open multiple or multiple horizontal oil layers at the same time in a single fracturing operation.  Tight sandstone and shale oil and gas can only be recovered by increasing their displacement and acreage.  The multi-stage fracturing technology of horizontal well is the core technology to achieve this goal and improve the production of single well.

Fracturing wellheads and trees are used for coiled tubing fracturing and unconventional oil and gas recovery fracturing to inject large amounts of fracturing fluid into the formation and control wellhead pressure.  Built to withstand pressures up to 20,000 psi, it is made of the most durable parts and is HH grade.  Our fracturing wellheads and trees have been exported to major oil companies and oil service companies in the United States, Canada, Oman and other countries.
Large-scale fracturing is needed during exploration and development.  Conventional fracturing operation is generally 4-6m3/min, and the construction fluid volume is generally 500-600m3.  However, the flow rate of unconventional fracturing is 10-15m3/min, the single-layer fluid consumption is about 2000m3, and the pressure is above 105MPa, which determines that the fracturing wellhead must not only be able to withstand the construction pressure, but also must have a large enough aperture.  Currently, the commonly used fracturing wellhead devices cannot meet the technological requirements of unconventional fracturing with high pressure and large displacement.

The wellhead structure consists of tubing head gate valve (1), tubing head (2), adapter flange (3), master manual flat gate valve (4), master hydraulic flat gate valve (5), cross (6), wing gate valve (7), fracturing head (8), union (9), check valve (11), pressure gauge (12), etc.。

The Frac Wellhead And Christmas Tree developed by Sanjack has the characteristics of a large bore, high working pressure, convenient installation and operation, and is equipped with a remote control function, which greatly improves the safety and reliability of on-site operation.

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