Forced Opening Valve Type Insert Pump

Forced Opening Valve Type Insert Pump
There are four factors that affect the pump efficiency:
1). Elastic deformation of oil pipe and sucker rod
2). The gas content of the oil well;
3). Leakage
4). The compressibility of the fluid.
For high gas-liquid ratio oil wells, the effect of gas on pumping efficiency is particularly obvious. Sanjack has prepared a forced-open valve-type insertion pump for high gas content wells.

Forced mechanical valve pump is suitable for heavy oil wells and oil wells with high oil-gas ratio after steam injection. The pump has changed the valve ball and valve seat structure of the original swimming valve that relies on pressure difference to open and close, adopts the form of forced mechanical opening and closing, and relies on the action of mechanical force to open and close the swimming valve, which solves the problem of heavy oil pumping and valve ball delay. The problem of opening and closing, as well as the steam lock and general air lock of the thermal recovery pump. The pump greatly improves the volume efficiency and service life of the oil well, and is suitable for heavy oil wells with high viscosity ≤4000MPa. S and sand content <0.2%.

Structural features and structural principles:
The pump is mainly composed of three parts: pump barrel assembly, fixed valve assembly and plunger assembly.

How it works: During the up stroke, the mechanical valve is closed and the pressure in the lower chamber of the pump barrel is reduced.
Oil suction: During the downstroke, the mechanical valve opens in time under the action of the sucker rod force and the friction between the plunger and the pump barrel, and then pushes the plunger down to complete the discharge process.

1. The swimming valve on the plunger is a forced mechanical opening and closing valve that is forced to open and close under the action of the mechanical force of the sucker rod.
2. The plunger is a floating connection, which can rotate freely during operation, as a result, reducing sand sticking and local wear and prolonging the service life.

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