EXPE Liner Surface Pipeline


  • Extremely high corrosion resistance on Sanjack’s EXPE Liner Surface Pipeline.  
  • Greatly save the manufacturing cost because of reusing the repaired waste pipeline as material. 
  • The inner hole and outer wall of the EXPE Liner Surface Pipeline are treated with corrosion resistance. 
  • EXPE Liner Surface Pipeline are used for surface transportation of oil and gas. 

EXPE Liner Surface Pipeline 

Product Structure 


Waste tubing after cleaning and repairing Common pipeline, mainly 20 or 16Mn steel pipes. 

External anticorrosion: 

The outer wall of pipeline is with three PE layers for anti-corrosion: fused epoxy bottom layer, intermediate adhesive layer and polyethylene outer protective layer. 

Internal anticorrosion: 

EXPE liner is used for internal anticorrosion treatment 

Product Feature 

1.External 3PE method is adopted, which effectively solves external corrosion problems. 

2.EXPE liner is used inside tubing, which is connected with quick connector. The liner has a certain compressive strength, besides having the function of internal corrosion protection, which can be used for pipeline repair and reuse. With good anti-corrosion effect on welded junction and no need to be treated separately. Hence, avoids the problems of fire and electricity on site during the construction of common pipelines, and also solves the problem of easy perforation corrosion at welded junctions.  

3.Elbows and tees also use liner treatment to ensure the continuity of the internal anti-corrosion coating. 

4.The welding process is advanced to achieve factory production, which greatly improves the construction efficiency during on-site operations and reduces construction personnel. 

5.The direct connection with the field/station can be realized through the conversion of the flange/clamp nipple, and no redundant workload will be generated. 

6.Reduce the pressure of environmental protection. 


1.Pipelines between metering plant 

2.Pipeline between wellhead and metering plant 

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