drilling blowout preventer (BOP)

Sanjack API 16A hydraulic annular BOP can be used in work over and drilling operations equipped with hydraulic control systems. The BOPs are designed and manufactured in full conformity to the API 16A standard. The annular BOP mainly consists of a body, a header, a rubber core, and a piston. The inner rubber core is interchangeable.


Sanjack drilling BOP includes an annular BOP and a ram BOP. The annular BOP, consisting primarily of a shell, a header, a rubber core and a piston, and which by design is equipped with a hydraulic control system, can be used independently but usually operates in tandem with a ram BOP.

In accordance with API 16A requirements, the connections at the top and bottom of the rig are either flange or studded flange, and can be conveniently connected to a drilling spool or ram BOP.

Sanjack ram BOP features an advanced design that is nonetheless easy to operate.

The ram BOP is reliable, and spare parts can be easily replaced. As with the annular BOP, it can be used independently or coupled to other BOP combinations.

A hydraulic system can be used to open and close the ram, but should there be no power or air on site to run this system, the rams can be opened or closed manually.


  • Reasonable structure and easy to operate
  • Hydraulically operated, manual operation possible if hydraulic system unavailable for some reason.
  • Standard connection and interchangeable rubber seals
  • Reliable sealing performance
  • Prompt open/close control
  • Completed BOP rams, including pipe ram, blind ram, shear ram, variable diameter ram.




drilling annular BOP data

Bore(in)1113 5/871113 5/8
Rated pressure(psi)30003000500050005000
Strength pressure(psi)60006000100001000010000
Working temperature-29~121℃


drilling ram BOP data

Bore(in)1113 5/871113 5/81113 5/8
Rated pressure (psi)300030005000500050001000010000
Strength pressure(psi)600060001000010000100001500015000
Piston diameter (mm)170220170220250350350
Weight (lb)Single ram720077002600750087001080011600
Double ram980014900500013600160002120025300


Single ram2907 x 1060 x 8402476 x 1220 x 8441534 x 555 x 7272170 x 1167 x 8702467 x 1220 x 8902360 x 1145 x 10302690 x 1235 x 1138
Double ram2907 x 1060 x 11202476 x 1220 x 13001534 x 555 x 11102170 x 987 x 14152476 x 1220 x 13862360 x 1145 x 16002690 x 1235 x 1726



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