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When running the pumps in deep wells, there may exist the following problems:

  • The valve cage may break and fail;
  • The valve may be damaged and invalid;
  • When the pump barrel is stretched and deformed, the pump plunger will not work smoothly, and even the barrel may stuck or break;
  • The oil well pump efficiency may be reduced to less than 30%.

Sanjack developed a lot of special oil well pumps to solve the above problems, including a suspension pump, bridge-type pump, solid plunger pump, etc.

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Anti-bending & Anti-abrasion

Because of special bridge-type structure, the pump barrel is suspended in the outer barrel. No bending and no abrasion.

Low leakage

The suspension structure makes the pump barrel internal and external pressure the same, effectively reduces the leakage.

Long service life

The specially designed structure makes the pump barrel does not bear the alternating force load during up and down strokes to greatly extend life of the product.

Specially for Deep Wells

Bridge structure, the depth of pump hanging is 500- 1500m deeper than the ordinary oil well pump.

Bridge-type Oil Well Pump
  • Low leakage
  • Anti-abrasion
Suspension Sucker Rod Pump
  • Anti-bending and anti-leakage.
  • Specially for deep wells

Sanjack sucker rod pump workshop was established in 1964, which enjoys a history of more than 50 years. We own abundant experiences in the production of sucker rod pumps and strong skills in technical research and development. We obtained 32 national technology patents in the downhole pump. The downhole pump products include various series of tubing pumps, rod pumps and special sucker rod pumps. The machining workshop for sucker rod pumps is equipped with more than 200 sets equipment, including CNC lathes, milling machines, grinding machines and etc. The sucker rod pump assembly workshop has honing machines and complete pump pressure testing devices and other equipment. Sealing performance tests must be carried out 100% after finishing the assembly of the whole pump to fully guarantee the quality of our sucker rod pumps.The electroplating workshop of the sucker rod pumps enjoys countrywide advanced chrome plating equipment for well type deep hole pump barrel, which can process pump barrels ranging from 1 1/4 in (31.75 mm) to 5 3/4 in (146.05 mm) and with a length up to 34 ft (10363 mm).

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