Conventional Steam Injection And Oil Recovery Wellhead

With more than 40 years of experience in the production of oil wellheads and valves, Sanjack has advanced manufacturing and testing facilities to produce a wide range of pressure, material and specification levels of well control equipment.  After more than 20 years of development, thermal wellhead has formed a variety of products, used in many oil fields around the world.  Sanjack has the following types of thermal wellheads:

  • Conventional steam injection wellhead and tree
  • Onshore thermal wellhead equipment
  • Single column double well thermal recovery wellhead device
  • Steam injection and oil production dual wellhead and tree equipment
  • BOP steam injection and oil production integrated wellhead
  • Geothermal wellhead

Conventional steam injection and oil production wellheads are low pressure and high temperature wellheads connected by clamp or flange
Clamped thermal recovery wellhead:

1) Clamp connection, easy to operate
2) Wedge valve, small size, light weight
3) The valve stem seal is high-temperature resistant composite seal.  The seal between disc and seat and between body and seat are metal seals.  High temperature seal is reliable.

Flanged thermal recovery wellhead:

1). Flange connection.  Joint high temperature and high-pressure seal is reliable.
2). The valve is a rising rod structure.  The handwheel is equipped with a guard to visually check the opening or closing of the valve.  With sand and dust prevention functions.
3) The surface of the seat and valve plate is sprayed with hard alloy.  The sealing between the valve seat and the valve body is a non-metal seal with high-temperature resistance and good performance.
4). Stem seal is a high-temperature resistant compound seal.  No leakage under high temperature and high pressure.  Through thermodynamic calculation, parts under pressure and load are reliable and safe at high temperatures.

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