Coated TubingFusion Bond Epoxy Tubing


  • Sanack built 4 production lines for powder spraying and liquid spraying, which can produce a variety of internal spraying for the tubing.
  • With the characteristics of acid resistance, corrosion resistance, and anti-shedding on Sanjack FBE tubing.

In order to solve the problem of oil pipe corrosion in oil Wells, Sanjack has made a series of research and development of spraying anticorrosive pipe, including FBE Coated Tubing, Titanium Nano Polymer Coated Tubing and Bottom liquid-surface powder Coated Tubing. 

Product Feature 

1.High mechanical properties: High mechanical strength and has excellent flexibility, impact strength and hardness on the coating. 

2.Anti-corrosion: Resist the corrosion of various strong and weak acids and alkalis such as HCL,H2SO4, NaOH, and organic solvents such as gasoline and diesel. 

3.Anti-scaling: the surface of the coating is smooth, and the surface energy is high, which can inhibit the scale inside the tubing and reduce the iron and suspended matter in the tubing. 

4.Strong adhesion: The FBE coating has strong bonding force with the tubing body, and can reach the level of 2 or above by prying test. 

Technical Parameter 

S/N  Item  Indicator  Test Standard 
1  Appearance  Smooth, uniform, without air bubble, orange peel and flow defects.  Visual measurement 
2  Dry Film Thickness  ≥125μm  ISO 2808:2007 
3  Leakage Point  None  NACE TM 0384 
4  Wear Resistance  ≤40mg(1000g/1000r,CS17 wheel)or≥2L/μm  GB/T 23988 
5  Impact Strength  ≥4J,-20(Power coating)  ASTM G14-04 
≥6J,-20(Liquid coating) 
6  Adhesion  Bonding   ≥20MPa  ASTM D4541-09 
X- cutting  Grade 1  BSEN10289: Attachment D 


Product Application 

It can be used for a long time under the working conditions of pH 3~13 and temperature not higher than 100 °C. It is suitable for water injection wells, oil production wells, oil pipelines and so on. 


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