Project in Weatherford

Brass refers to a broad range of copper-zinc alloys comprising a variety of properties such as ductility, strength, hardness, color, machinability, wear-resistance, antimicrobial, corrosion-resistance, and electrical and thermal conductivity. UNS C44300 brass alloys are one of the types of brass, which also are known as admiralty and arsenical brass.

As to C44300,due to its good corrosion resistance, which is mainly acts as tubing of steam condensers cooled with fresh, salt or brackish water. One of the USES of the Admiralty Metal Tubes is that it can be used as heat exchangers in oil refineries with serious corrosion, in the meantime, it also can be used for feed-water heaters and heat-exchanger equipment as well as other industrial processes.

We take navy brass as the material of pump barrel, which perfectly solves the problem that the insert pump is corroded by H2S, CO2 and other corrosive substances, which can be said to be the ultimate solution for the corrosion of downhole pump.

The Properties of UNS C44300 Brass

UNS No. C44300 – BSI No. CZ111 ISO Name CuZn28Sn1
Chemical Comp. (%) Cu 70 ~ 73 / Sn 0.9 ~ 1.2 / Pb 0.07 / Fe 0.06 max / Zn rem / As 0.02 ~ 0.06
ASTM Spec. B 111, B 395
ASME Spec. SB 111, SB 395
Applications Condenser, Evaporator and Heat Exchanger tubes; Distiller tubing.
Temper O61 Annealed
Properties * Metric English
Density 8.53 g/cc 0.308 lb/in³
Tensile Strength, min. 310 MPa 45 ksi
Yield Strength, min. 105 MPa 15 ksi
CTE, linear 20.2 10-6/°C @ 20.0 – 300 °C 11.2 10-6/°F @ 70.0 – 570 °F
Specific Heat Capacity 0.09 cal/g-°C @ 20ºC 0.09 BTU/lb-°F @ 70ºF
Thermal Conductivity 109 W/m-K @ 20.0 °C 64 BTU/ft2/ft/h/°F @ 70.0 °F
Melting Point 899 ~ 938 °C 1650 ~ 1720 °F


Although navy brass is extremely resistant to corrosion, it is relatively soft and has very low hardness and strength. Conventional processing methods, such as honing, cannot meet the requirements of the dimensional accuracy of the pump barrel.

In order to solve this problem, we adopt precision rolling process to ensure the precision of brass pump barrel. The brass pump barrel is chrome plated to improve the wear resistance.

Since 2017, Weatherford of the United States and Canada have been purchasing SanJack brass sucker rod pumps. Excellent anti-corrosion performance and high dimensional accuracy to meet the customer’s needs.