• Over 40 years of wellhead and Christmas tree manufacturing experience.
  • PR2 certificates for gate valve, choke valve, tubing head and casing head.
  • International advanced BOP test lab.

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Intl Certification

Sanjack obtained the Intl Certification in 2006.

Strict quality control

Sanjack has the world’s most advanced wellhead testing equipment, certified by DNV.

High-end Customer Base

World-famous companies including CNPC, CNOOC, ONGC, DALEEL, OXY, PDVSA, PDO purchase wellhead from Sanjack.

Various Structure

BOP with various structure available including single ram BOP, double ram BOP, annular BOP and BOP stacks.

Annular Blowout Preventer
  • Fully seal the wellhead
  • Anti H2S performance
Drilling BOP
  • Hydraulically operated
  • Interchangeable rubber seals
Double Ram BOP
  • Workover and drilling operations
  • Different types of rams
  • 20000psi, PR2, PSL4, FF
  • Integral design, Save space

In 2006, Sanjack obtained the Intl Certification for the manufacture of BOP and related accessories. Since then, Sanjack has developed three series of BOPs; Drilling BOPs, Workover BOPs and Production BOPs. Sheng Kee can also produce annular BOP, single ram BOP and double ram BOP. The blowout preventer ram is a multi-head ram, including: fully enclosed ram, pipe ram, shear ram and variable diameter ram. Sanjack BOP has stable performance and long service life, and has won high praise from customers.

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