Automatic Balanced Pumping Unit

The beam pumping unit is extensively used in crude oil exploitation and is of great significance in artificial lift. However, restricted by the structure of the beam pumping unit, the following problems are prone to occur during its operation.

  • The operating parameters of the pumping unit (such as the number of strokes and balance rate) do not match the real-time working conditions, increasing unnecessary energy consumption, and failure rate and reducing the service life of the pumping unit.
  • When adjusting pumping unit parameters (such as stroke number and balance rate), the labor intensity of workers is too high, and safety cannot be guaranteed.

To solve the inherent defects of beam pumps, Sanjack has developed an automatic balancing pumping unit. It has the characteristics of automatic adjustment of stroke and stroke time
Sanjack Petro has designed and developed a beam-type automatic balancing pumping unit to address this production problem. Through the mechanical and electrical control system, the balance adjustment of the pumping unit is changed from the original manual operation to the mechanical automatic operation, which can fully meet the requirements of the pumping unit balance rate, save a lot of labor costs, and improve operation safety. The system can realize fully automatic operation and is very convenient.

The crank balancing block is the main balancing device, which produces the main balancing moment of the pumping unit. The balance beam at the end of the beam is an auxiliary balancing device, which can automatically adjust the balance of the pumping unit by automatically adjusting the position of the balance block on the balance beam.

The automatic balanced pumping unit calculates the real-time balance rate of the pumping unit through the control system, detects the electrical parameters and load values of the motor’s up and down strokes, and determines the direction of the driving motor according to the set requirements of the balance rate range. The motor drives the coupling and lead screw to rotate. The rotation of the motor is converted into a reciprocating motion of the balance block by the screw drive of the screw nut. By adjusting the length of the weight distribution arm to adjust the balance moment, the pumping unit balance rate will finally reach the set range.

Application effect
1. Extraordinary energy saving effect. For instance, in the CYJY12-4.2-73HF pumping unit, when the load is 90kN and there is no tail balance beam, the theoretical equilibrium rate is 86.2%. After the automatic balance adjustment system is installed, the balance rate can reach 94.2% ~ 98.4%. Actual measurements in the field found that with a 60kN load and a 4.5 stroke, the power consumption of the pumping unit decreased from 142 degrees per day to 128 degrees per day, resulting in a 9.8% power savings.
2, intelligent control system control is more accurate and effective. It can start and stop the pumping unit in both power and frequency conversion modes in the field and remotely. It has a motor protection function, can automatically collect, analyze, and process the operation data, calculate and display the power map, and realize the remote transmission of analysis data.
3. Beam-type automatic balance pumping unit greatly reduces the labor intensity of personnel, avoids personnel working at high altitudes, and improves the safety of the overall system operation.

Parameter Table
Model CYJY8-3-37HF CYJY10-3-53HF CYJY10-4.2-53HF CYJY12-4.2-73HF CYJY12-4.8-73HF CYJY14-5.4-89HF CYJY16-5.4-105HF CYJ16-5.5-89HF
Load rating(kN) 80 100 100 120 120 140 160 160
Stroke length(m) 3;2.5;2 3;2.5;2 4.2;3.6;3 4.2;3.6;3 4.8;4.2;3.6 5.4,4.5,3.6 5.4,4.5,3.6 5.5,4.6,3.7
Stroke frequency   (min-1) 6,5,4 6,5,4 6,5,4 6,5,4 6,5,4 3,4,5 3,,4, 5 3,4, 5
Crank direction Clockwise
Balanced type Compound balanced
Gear Reducer Model CJH-850 CJH-1000 CJH-1000 CJH-1000 CJH-1000 CJH-1100 CJH-1200 CJH-1100
Gear ratio 28 31.73 31.73 31.73 31.73 39.52 30.246 39.52
Rated torque(kN.m) 37 53 53 73 73 89 105 89
Motor Model Y225M-8 Y250M-8 Y280S-8 Y280M-8 Y280M-8 Y315S-8 Y315M-8 Y315S-8
Power(kW) 22 30 37 45 45 55 75 55
 Speed (r/min) 730 730 740 740 740 740 740 740
Structure unbalance(kN) 7.6 7.7 4.26 6 0.237 -6.7 -7.2 -1.73
Total Weight(t) 18.6 19.5 23 25.3 26.3 32 34.5 33.9
Size(m) 8.24×2.2×6.793 8.24×2.27×6.793 11×2.3×8.5 11×2.7×8.7 11.9×2.7×9.3 10.58×2.74×10.15 10.58×2.74×10.15 12.37×3.52×10.15

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