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Sanjack has 40-year experience in designing and manufacturing downhole pumps and participated in the draw up of the national standard of downhole pump. Sanjack also developed the unconventional pump suitable for complex field conditions. Annual production reaches 15,000 sets. Sanjack downhole pump has been exported to SHELL, CHEVRON, SCHLUMBERGER, GE, NOV, JOHNCRANE, CAMERON, KBM, etc.

The pump produced by our company is designed and manufactured in strict accordance with the American Petroleum Institute API SPEC 11AX “Subsurface Rod Pump and Its Fittings Specification” and GB/T 18607 ” Pump and Its Component Specifications”, through strict production process control and inspection procedures to ensure the versatility and reliability of the product to the greatest extent.

Our subsurface pumps include tubing pump, rod pump and special pump.


The plunger and the pump barrel are assembled into one body, and is inserted into the oil pipe with the sucker rod. There are fixed barrels and movable barrels. According to the position of the support assembly, it is divided into two types: the top fixed and the bottom fixed. According to the support assembly types, it is divided into cup type and mechanical type

Compared with the tubing pump, the rod type pump has the characteristics of not having to take off the oil pipe when the pump is down, and has a large variety of options. Easiness to operate, saving more than half of the operating time can greatly reduce operating costs, suitable for deep well use.

Rod pumping wells are widely used over the world out of China.

Fixed barrel top fixed rod pump (Type A)

Characteristics: The locking device is located at the top. When the plunger moves, the sand around the locking device can be washed away to prevent the sand card, being easy to operate. The pump can swing around the pivot point of the top locking device. When the pumps position in the inclined well, the oil pipe and pump barrel are not damaged, the pump is slightly larger than that of the bottom fixed rod pump in the same fixed position, which is more suitable for low-yield and low-surface wells, and the top fixing device makes the pump itself have gas anchoring effect and can be used in oil wells with more gas.

Application: oil wells with a viscosity around 400mPa-s.

Down pump depth list

Pump diameter

Pump type


Fixed barrel bottom fixed rod pump (type B)

Characteristics: The locking device is located at the bottom, which has the characteristics that the pump barrel will not be elongated due to the action of the liquid column, only subject to external pressure, and the gap will not increase.

Therefore, it is suitable for use in deep wells; the pump can swing around the pivot point of the bottom locking device and can also be used in inclined wells.

Application: deep wells with viscosity below 400mPa-s

Not applicable: It is easy to deposit sand particles in the annular space of the fixed support sleeve and the bottom locking device, which makes the pump operation difficult, and should not be used in the sand-containing well; the bottom is fixed, the pump barrel swings greatly during operation, and the valve stem and the guide sleeve are intensified. Wear is not suitable for long stroke pumps.

Down pump length list


Pump diameter

Pump type


Kinematic barrel bottom fixed rod pump (T type)

Characteristics: The locking device is located at the bottom. When working, the plunger is fixed and the pump barrel moves up and down. The well fluid can be stirred continuously and the sand is not easy to deposit on the locking device to generate the card pump. When the pumping well is stopped, the top valve ball closes the valve seat, and the sand in the oil pipe does not deposit in the pump to generate the card pump; the fixed valve and the oil discharge valve are both open valve covers, and the local resistance of the fluid is small, which is favorable for the discharge of the well liquid containing more sand.

Applicable: sand wells with viscosity below 400mPa-s

Not applicable: Due to the poor stability of the pump rod, it is not suitable to use long stroke pump and use in heavy oil wells.


Sucker rod pump from Sanjack Petro,  Dongying City, Shandong Province, China.

Standard rod pump specifications
Specification modelTechnical Parameter
TypeModelPump diameterin(mm)Plunger length ft(mm)Barrel length ft(mm)Connecting tubing thread (in)Connecting sucker rod thread (in)Pump constant
Mechanical support top fixed thick wall rod pump20-125RHAM1.25(31.75)2~24(609~7315)Increment per foot4~34(1219~10363)Increment per foot2 3/8 NU/EU3/4in1.14
25-150RHAM1.5(38.1)2 7/8 NU/EU3/4in1.642
25-175RHAM1.75(44.45)2 7/8 NU/EU3/4in2.235
30-225RHAM2.25(57.15)3 1/2 NU/EU3/4in3.694
Mechanical support bottom fixed thick wall rod pump20-125RHBM1.25(31.75)2 3/8 NU/EU3/4in1.14
25-150RHBM1.5(38.1)2 7/8 NU/EU3/4in1.642
25-175RHBM1.75(44.45)2 7/8 NU/EU3/4in2.235
30-225RHBM2.25(57.15)3 1/2 NU/EU3/4in3.694
Cup support top fixed thick wall rod pump20-125RHAC1.25(31.75)2 3/8 NU/EU3/4in1.14
25-150RHAC1.5(38.1)2 7/8 NU/EU3/4in1.642
25-175RHAC1.75(44.45)2 7/8 NU/EU3/4in2.235
30-225RHAC2.25(57.15)3 1/2 NU/EU3/4in3.694
Cup support bottom fixed thick wall rod pump20-125RHBC1.25(31.75)2 3/8 NU/EU3/4in1.14
25-150RHBC1.5(38.1)2 7/8 NU/EU3/4in1.642
25-175RHBC1.75(44.45)2 7/8 NU/EU3/4in2.235
30-225RHBC2.25(57.15)3 1/2 NU/EU3/4in3.694
Mechanical support top fixed thin wall rod pump20-125RWAM1.25(31.75)2 3/8 NU/EU3/4in1.14
20-150RWAM1.5(38.1)2 3/8 NU/EU3/4in1.642
25-200RWAM2(50.8)2 7/8 NU/EU3/4in3.694
30-225RWAM2.5(63.5)3 1/2 NU/EU3/4in4.56
Mechanical support bottom fixed thin wall rod pump15-125RWBM1.25(31.75)1.900 NU/EU5/8in1.14
20-125RWBM1.25(31.75)2 3/8 NU/EU3/4in1.14
20-150RWBM1.5(38.1)2 3/8 NU/EU3/4in1.642
25-200RWBM2(50.8)2 7/8 NU/EU3/4in3.694
30-225RWBM2.5(63.5)3 1/2 NU/EU3/4in4.56
Cup support top fixed thin wall rod pump20-125RWAC1.25(31.75)2 3/8 NU/EU3/4in1.14
20-150RWAC1.5(38.1)2 3/8 NU/EU3/4in1.642
25-200RWAC2(50.8)2 7/8 NU/EU3/4in3.694
30-225RWAC2.5(63.5)3 1/2 NU/EU3/4in4.56
Cup support bottom fixed thin wall rod pump15-125RWBC1.25(31.75)1.900 NU/EU5/8in1.14
20-125RWBC1.25(31.75)2 3/8 NU/EU3/4in1.14
20-150RWBC1.5(38.1)2 3/8 NU/EU3/4in1.642
25-200RWBC2(50.8)2 7/8 NU/EU3/4in3.694
30-225RWBC2.5(63.5)3 1/2 NU/EU3/4in4.56
Moving barrel bottom fixed thin wall rod pump15-125RWT1.25(31.75)1.900 NU/EU5/8in1.14
20-125RWT1.25(31.75)2 3/8 NU/EU3/4in1.14
20-150RWT1.5(38.1)2 3/8 NU/EU3/4in1.642
25-200RWT2(50.8)2 7/8 NU/EU3/4in3.694
30-225RWT2.5(63.5)3 1/2 NU/EU3/4in4.56
Fixed barrel bottom fixed thick wall rod pump20-125RXT1.25(31.75)2 3/8 NU/EU3/4in1.14
20-150RXT1.5(38.1)2 3/8 NU/EU3/4in1.642
25-200RXT2(50.8)2 7/8 NU/EU3/4in3.694


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