API 11AX Rod Pump

API 11AX Rod Pump
Raw materials of API 11ax rod pump parts shall be inspected after heat treatment, and the mechanical properties, chemical composition and metallographic structure must be inspected in batches. During processing, API 11ax rod pump parts shall be inspected many times. Key points such as plunger outer diameter and pump barrel inner diameter must be comprehensively inspected.

  • Advanced production equipment for machining, spraying welding, electroplating, and honing.
  • After the assembly of the entire sucker rod pump, 100% of the sealing performance test must be carried out.

The first letter R standing for Rod (commonly called insert). Usually Insert pumps are the first choice because they can be serviced simply by pulling the sucker rod string. Insertable pumps can be removed from the well without having to remove the production tubing.
The raw material of API 11AX rod pump parts should be inspected after heat treatment, the mechanical properties, chemical compositions and metallographic structures must be inspected by batch. The API 11AX rod pump parts should be inspected several times during the processing procedure. Some key points like the outer diameter of the plunger and the inner diameter of the pump barrel should be 100% inspected.

Compared with the tubing pump, the rod type oil well pump has the characteristics of lifting the pump without the need for up and down tubing and various forms. The pump is easy to check, saves more than half of the operation time, and greatly saves the operation cost. Very suitable for deep wells.

Rod pump can be further optimized by selecting the metallurgy and coating of various components to maximize pump life in specific well conditions.

⦁ It is installed at the end of sucker rod string as a complete device.
⦁ It can run deeper than the tubing pump.
⦁ Most types can use special service applications.
⦁ The use cost is lower than that of tubing pump.
⦁ Remove from well without removing production tubing.
⦁ Advanced processing, spray welding, electroplating and honing production equipment.
⦁ Sealing performance tests must be carried out 100% after finishing the assembly of the whole rod pump.
⦁ Your Best API Pump Manufacturers.

Rod pumping wells are widely used at home and abroad
If you are looking for API pump manufacturers, Sanjack is your best choice.

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