Anti-Corrosion Downhole Pump

  • Sanjack has successfully developed brass and stainless steel sucker rod pumps using precision rolling process.
  • Sanjack has developed the downhole pumps with various processes of boronizing, nitriding, chrome plating, tungsten plating for corrosive oil wells.
  • Sanjcak has 40 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing downhole pumps.

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Corrosion Resistant

Various types of anti-corrosion pump effectively resist the corrosion of Saline water, Cl-1, SO4-2, HCO3-1, CO3-2, H2S, CO2, Oxygen etc.

Intl Certification

In 2001, SanJack successfully obtained Intl Certification and began to export downhole pump to abroad.

High-end Clients Base

Sanjack has established partnerships with world famous companies, such as SHELL, CHEVRON, SCHLUMBERGER, GE, NOV, JOHNCRANE, CAMERON, KBM, etc.

Titanium Alloy Material

Titanium alloy ball and hard alloy valve seat, high hardness, wear resistance and strong corrosion resistance

Brass Sucker Rod Pump
  • Chinese No.1 supplier.
  • Chrome plated with strong corrosion resistance.
SS Sucker Rod Pump
  • Stainless steel pump barrel
  • Precision rolling process is adopted
Anti corrosion pump oil well with valve cover lining
  • Stellite alloy used
  • Simple structure, low cost and long life.
Anti-corrosion Tubing Pump
  • Corrosion resistance and impact resistance.
  • Oil well with high salinity.

Sanjack sucker rod pump workshop was established in 1964, which has more than 50 years. We have rich experience in production and a strong ability in research and development. Our products include various series of tubing pumps, rod pumps, and special sucker rod pumps. We obtained 32 national technology patents in the downhole pump. The sucker rod pump processing workshop has more than 200 sets of equipment, such as CNC lathes, milling machines, grinders, etc. The sucker rod pump electroplating workshop has the national advanced downhole pump barrel chrome-plating equipment, which can process 1 1/4 inch (31.75 mm) to 5 3/4 inch (146.05 mm) pump barrels with a length of 34 feet (10363 mm).The rod pump assembly workshop has honing machines and complete pump pressure test devices. After the whole pump is assembled, 100% sealing performance test will be carried out to fully ensure the quality of our rod pump.

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Anti-Corrosion Downhole Pump: The Complete Guide for Importers and Buyers

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