475(120.65mm)THM Tubing Pump

475(120,65mm)THM Tubing Pump
Sanjack sucker rod pump workshop was established in 1964, which has more than 50 years of history. To improve the anti-corrosion property and hardness, Surface treatment is required on all the parts of tubing pump according to the requirement of client and Intl Standard, spray welding on plunger, chrome-plating on barrel and phosphating on all accessories. Sanjack can finish spray welding process on various kinds of plungers of which the length is within 8 meters, and can complete chrome-plating on barrel with ID ranging from 1 1/16’’(26.99mm) to 5 3/4’’ (146.05 mm) and length within 34 ft (10363 mm).

Sanjack oversized tubing pump is the largest in the country and its bore is limited only by the size of the wellbore. The flow area of the entire pump is maximized for optimal fluid recovery. The maximum bore size of the pump is 5-3/4 inches.
Thick-walled barrels are internally threaded. The end fittings have the same dimensions as the barrel OD and attach directly into the barrel. The pipe thread size of the top connector is smaller than the size of the pump hole. The assembled pump is attached directly to the tubing and lowered into the well.
On-off tools are used to connect the sucker rods to the plunger assembly. Tubing drains also are recommended for oversized tubing pumps so that the tubing can be drained as the pump is pulled out of the well.

The main feature of the oversized pump is the large diameter increases the output, but the oil pipe must be pulled for maintenance, and the oil pipe is smaller than the pump hole, which will lead to the phenomenon of fluid acceleration. Barrels and accessories can be used in a variety of metallurgy. All sizes of pump barrels are available with a 34 ft (10.36 m) one piece steel pump barrel. One-piece 34-foot brass pump barrel measures 2 1/4 in ID or less.

These pumps are recommended for the following applications:
• Large casing and large capacity wells
• Wells requiring larger capacity for a given tubing size
• Moderate depth wells with poor pumping conditions
Additional features, benefits and advantages of these pumps include:
• Thick-walled barrels provide superior strength and stiffness for consistent reliability, even in the harshest pumping environments.
• Barrels and fittings are available for a variety of metallurgy, so pumps can be customized to well conditions for maximum cost efficiency and pump life.
• One-piece steel or brass barrels eliminate the need for intermediate joints, reducing failure rates.
• The barrel and plunger can be quickly assembled, connected to the tubing and lowered into the well.
• Offers a wide range of specialty pump accessories to extend pump application range for greater versatility, adaptability and value.

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